Åse Ørsted.

Speech and Language Therapist
Member of the Danish union of
Certified by Professor Horst Coblenzer

I have been employed at the Institute for Speech and Hearing Disorders, Copenhagen, and have worked at Glostrup Hospital with voice disorders and dysarthrias.
I have been a lecturer at the logopedic educations at the Royal Danish School of Education and Copenhagen University. I have completed all of professor Coblenzer’s courses in Switzerland several times in the period 1984-2002.
I was certified by professor Coblenzer in 1994 and have run several courses of ”Breath Timed Phonation” BTP in Denmark, England, New Zealand, and Australia. I founded the education with four levels in Denmark in 1996 and have run all levels in Norway twice and in Denmark several times.
Professor Coblenzer was born the 1st of August 1927 and died on the14th of June 2014