Åse Ørsted.

Speech and Language Therapist
Member of the Danish Union of
Speech and Language Therapists.
Certified by Professor Horst Coblenzer

I have been employed at the Institute for Speech and Hearing Disorders, Copenhagen, and have worked at Glostrup Hospital with voice disorders and dysarthrias.
I have been a lecturer at the logopedic educations at the Royal Danish School of Education and Copenhagen University. I have completed all of professor Coblenzer’s courses in Switzerland several times in the period 1984-2002.
I was certified by professor Coblenzer in 1994 and have run several courses of ”Breath Timed Phonation” BTP in Denmark, England, New Zealand, and Australia. I have run educationial courses with four levels in Denmark in 1996-2022 - all levels in Norway twice and in Denmark several times. I still do cosultant work to a limited exrend.
Professor Coblenzer was born the 1st of August 1927 and died on the14th of June 2014